Athens' Indoor/Outdoor Garden & Rock Supply

Hi, we are Cool Digs, a garden supply / rock shop located in Athens Ohio. We sell a variety of gems, minerals, fossils, tie-dye, and fine jewelry. In addition we also carry a full spectrum of gardening supplies.

We offer name brand, specialty plant lighting including full spectrum T-5 fluorescents, high pressure sodium and metal halide lamps. We have the latest in LED grow light technology. We stock indoor grow tents from Secret Jarden, Sun Hut and Grow Lab.

We offer a wide selection of hydroponic growing supplies. We have flood tables, dutch buckets, leach trays as well as complete hydroponic systems. We are fully stocked with pumps, plumbing, tubing and a wide variety of hydroponic mediums. Come talk to our knowledgeable staff and get growing today!

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Our store.

Garden Supplies

With every major brand from Advanced Nutriets, to X-treme Gardening, our store will leave your plants happy and healthy. We also carry all the hardware you need to get growing now! Trays, flood tables, lights, ballasts, pots, saucers and more! If we don't have what you need in store, we'll order it for you.

Local Art

We have in store Tie-Dye and more gifts gallore! Come on in. We have a little something for everybody. If we don't have what you want in stock we do custom tie-dye orders!

Gems, Minerals and Jewelry

We have Gems, Minerals, Fossils, and Jewelry from more than five different countries! Come see the largest rock shop in town!

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